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How to Start a Fire in the Snow

The ability to spark and start a fire during the cold and snowy months of winter can mean the difference between life and death, as was recently demonstrated by the successful survival of a small family who became stranded in the sub-zero temperatures of the northern Nevada wilderness...Read More 

Winter Camping Tips

Camping during the winter time can be a wonderful experience.  There is nothing quite like listening to the snow fall softly against the backdrop of a white forest.  However, there are a number of details involved in preparing for a winter camping trip that need to be followed in order to ensure a safe and happy time...Read More

The Evolution of Solar Power

The ability to draw electrical power directly from the sun has long been seen as one of the most innovative and cleanest ways to power the appliances we have come to rely on.  So who first thought of it?  And how has it changed throughout the decades since its inception?  Keep reading to find out...Read More 

Avoiding Hypothermia in the Wilderness

The cold of the winter season is not enough to keep outdoorsmen inside the safety of their homes, but it should give reason to further prepare in all areas.  One of the most important preparations that wintertime outdoor adventurers should make is the provision against incurring hypothermia...Read More  

Emergency Preparedness on a Budget

Emergencies and disaster situations can strike at any time with little or no warning, and for this reason it is imperative that all adults take responsibility for the emergency preparedness of themselves and of their families.  The main excuse for not being prepared for an emergency that many rationalize their own unpreparedness is that they do not have the money to be fully prepared. This is can be overcome with a few tips and tricks to preparing for an emergency on a budget...Read More

Wilderness Survival Myths

We have all seen the movies where a guy or gal is stuck in the wilderness and has to fight to survive.  Usually, there are one or two scenes in these types of movies that promote a survival trick which is completely false and was thrown in the film for dramatic effect, such as getting water from a cactus...Read More

How Does Hand Crank Power Work?

At times, the appearance of a device powered by a hand crank can seem archaic and may conjure up images of an old butter churner or Model-T crank start car, but the technology behind hand crank powered objects is anything but old fashioned.  While the design, concept, and science behind how a hand crank powered object works is relatively simple, and yes even relatively old in advent, the modern applications of hand crank power can be as advanced as they are helpful...Read More

Signaling for Help in the Wilderness

It is every outdoor adventure’s nightmare—lost, injured, or stranded in the wilderness.  Basic survival skills should be known and understood by all who venture into the dangerous backcountry of the United States, and a major part of basic survival skills is to understand how to signal for help...Read More

Creating a 72 Hour Emergency Kit

As the recent and deadly flash floods in Colorado have shown, disasters strike often without warning and can be extremely devastating to existing infrastructure, supply stores, and a families own reserves of survival provisions.  Because of the extreme survival conditions that often follow a major disaster or emergency, more and more individuals and families have decided that they need to prepare themselves and their homes ahead of time so that they can be better equipped to weather future disasters...Read More

What to Do if You Are Attacked by a Bear 

Here’s the scenario:  You are hiking up to a mountain lake somewhere in one of the beautiful mountain ranges of America when you see or hear something that makes your inner soul tremble.  It is a bear, either on the trail in front of your or walking through the brush somewhere around you...Read More

Treating a Fracture in the Wilderness

Being injured in the outdoors can be a very serious issue, especially if you are miles away from the nearest aid station or hospital.  But suffering an injury while hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or enjoying one of any number of outdoor recreational activities can be more than a minor inconvenience; suffering such an injury as a broken bone in the wild can quickly turn into a survival situation...Read More

Benefits of LED Lighting

The word LED is showing up everywhere in the tech-world. It’s in your computer monitor. It’s in your 1080HD 43” TV. It’s even in the light socket of your home. Many know vaguely what it is, and they buy it because it’s the cool thing to do right now. But what exactly does LED lighting do for you that a normal light wouldn’t?...Read More 

Common Wilderness Survival Mistakes

If you are someone who loves camping and being outdoors, then you are probably well aware of the fact that nature can be very unforgiving. When you are outside in nature, you need to know how to survive. Here are a few of the most common wilderness survival mistakes made by people who think they know the outdoors...Read More

Advantages of Portable Shortwave Radios

The military has given us many different advents over the years; the interstate system, the computer, radar capabilities, and, among others, the shortwave radio.  Shortwave radios were first created to help military personal communicate with each other and for commanders to issue communiques to their subordinates...Read More

How to Find Drinking Water in the Wilderness

If you should ever find yourself stranded in the wilderness, it is important that you find water. Water is essential to survival and finding water quickly will ensure that you are able to focus on getting yourself rescued or finding your way back to where you came from..Read More

How to Build a Shelter in the Wilderness

You never know when disaster or misfortune are going to strike and if you become lost or stranded you need to know how to create a shelter until help comes. There are many ways to create shelters in the wilderness and depending on the terrain you are in, different objects may be needed...Read More

Get the Right Tech for Your Trek

For 11 years 21st Century Goods has been making the world's best emergency-preparedness and outdoor products available to you. Outdoor tools have gone electronic. With just the click of a mouse you can find a powerful...Read More

Outdoor Cooking Has Never Been So Easy!

Our Global Sun Oven is an outdoor cooker that can cook things year round- using only the sun as fuel. Our oven is able to achieve this little feat by using high intensity reflectors in order to focus the rays of the sun inwards to cook food that is inside. You can bake, broil, and steam anything that you want...Read More

Why a Hand Crank Radio is the Perfect Outdoor Adventure Tool

Hand crank radios are incredibly useful devices for your outdoor adventures. Their greatest strength is that they don’t need to be plugged into a wall to recharge a battery. Their batteries are charged by hand... Read More 

Benefits of a Personal Air Purifier 

If you live in a city, congested with smog and people, then odds are you are breathing in more unhealthy air than you should. Even when you’re not directly enshrouded in the smoke of a passing diesel truck, the natural air is so thick with other colorless and odorless particles that it triggers allergies, asthma attacks and other physical reactions... Read More

London Transformed for Olympics Using LED Lighting 

The London Bridge will be getting a facelift for the Olympic Games. GE was just given formal approval to install LED technology to light the bridge.  The lighting used for the past 25 years used 40 percent more energy than the new LED lights will use... Read More

Advantages of Solar Powered Devices

Solar powered emergency devices are incredibly useful and versatile tools to have. Whether you are out hiking or want to have an emergency kit in your house, these tools can make a real difference when it comes to getting through your experience safely... Read More

Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are used to plugging in your headphones and then turning them up all the way so you don’t hear anything else, you may be doing serious damage to your ears.  Listening to your headphones loudly can do permanent damage to your ear drums... Read More

Advantages of LED Lighting

If you are thinking about making the switch to LED lighting in your home, you should be sure that you know the facts about the lighting.  Make sure that you take time to do your research so you can be happy with your decision. Here are some basic facts about LED lighting and the difference between LED lighting and normal incandescent bulbs… Read More

Solar Panels are a wonderful alternative to electricity

Let’s face it, we are massive consumers. We spend hours a week using tech products and electricity for online shopping and other activities. Electricity bills, like gas prices seem to be ...  Read More

Why Radios are Helpful in a Disaster

When it comes to emergency situations and disasters, amateur radio is often the most useful means of communicating when other options fail. When a disaster strikes, there can be no guarantee that cell phones and internet and satellite connections are going to work the way... Read More

First Thing to do when Placed in a Survival Situation

If you find yourself in a survival situation, it can be a stressful and scary experience to go through. There are a lot of things to process and deal with during these times, so people are ... Read More