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Advantages of Portable Shortwave Radios

The military has given us many different advents over the years; the interstate system, the computer, radar capabilities, and, among others, the shortwave radio.  Shortwave radios were first created to help military personal communicate with each other and for commanders to issue communiques to their subordinates.

As with many of the other military innovations, the shortwave radio is living its best years in the hands of private citizens.  Private shortwave radio operators and owners the world over have found the many and entertaining uses of portable shortwave radios.

For some, the shortwave radio is a link to the outside world.  This is because in countries where the media is closely regulated by the government, the only real source of uncensored communication comes from the shortwave radio receivers that some own.

For those who do not rely on the shortwave radio to provide them with information on foreign affairs and un-propagandized news, the shortwave radio can be a fun and enjoyable source of entertainment broadcasts.  But still, the main advantage of a shortwave radio for many private owners continues to be the access to communication that their shortwave radio gives to them in times of emergencies.

That is why many individuals choose to purchase a shortwave radio for their emergency supply kit or 72 hour kit.  With a shortwave radio included, which often will run on batteries, by crank, or by solar power which eliminates the need for electricity, a family can have an important link to the outside world through their shortwave radios.