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How to Build a Shelter in the Wilderness

Spending time in the wilderness can be very peaceful and rejuvenating. You might even find yourself alone on occasion when in the outdoors to get away from the noise and chaos caused by being around other people. However, you never know when disaster or misfortune are going to strike and if you become lost or stranded you need to know how to create a shelter until help comes. There are many ways to create shelters in the wilderness and depending on the terrain you are in, different objects may be needed.


We have provided instructions on how to make a basic structure using the elements most commonly found in the wilderness and without the use of tools. It definitely won’t be as nice as a stay at the Hilton, but it will get the job done.


1-      First of all gather materials. You will want to want to find a long branch which is taller than you, which will be the base support for your shelter. You also are going to want to gather more branches which are a little bit shorter, as well as grass and leaves.

2-      Find a tree which has a “Y” shape in its trunk at around the level of your shoulders, if possible. Once you find this tree, take your long branch and wedge it so that it goes from the crook of the tree to the ground, making a diagonal line.

3-      After this spine is in place, you are going to want to make what will look like a simple tent by leaning the shorter branches from the spine to the ground. Repeat until the entire spine is covered and you have a basic shelter.

4-      Add grass and leaves to the exterior in order to add better coverage and insulation. Cover this layer with even more branches, and even mud if you need.


Following these steps, you can have a shelter quickly and effectively. It is always good to be ready, even if we all hope such measures aren’t necessary!