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Outdoor Cooking Has Never Been So Easy!

Hey everyone! We’d like to take a minute to talk about our Global Sun Oven. Whether you are camping, out in the park, or simply wanting to change things up at home, you may want to consider picking one of these up.

Our Global Sun Oven is an outdoor cooker that can cook things year round- using only the sun as fuel. Our oven is able to achieve this little feat by using high intensity reflectors in order to focus the rays of the sun inwards to cook food that is inside. You can bake, broil, and steam anything that you want, as long as you have a sunny day!


The reflectors our unit uses are made out of anodized aluminum, which will never rust or degrade. These focus the heat, while the thick layer of non-toxic insulation surrounding our oven retains the heat. Simply find the best angle, deploy the reflectors, and heat things up!

The Global Sun Oven is also very lightweight (coming in at 21 pounds) and can be ported around when it is put away with a convenient carry handle.  It is also very easy to deploy and use- in fact, a child can do it. As such, it is definitely something you will want to bring along on your next camping trip. Imagine having piping hot food without having to lug around propane and huge grills and you can see the perks to our oven.

For more information about the Global Sun Oven and how to purchase one, please visit http://www.21st-century-goods.com/global-sun-oven/. Thanks!