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Why a Hand Crank Radio is the Perfect Outdoor Adventure Tool

Hand crank radios are incredibly useful devices for your outdoor adventures. Their greatest strength is that they don’t need to be plugged into a wall to recharge a battery. Their batteries are charged by hand, yours—providing you truly portable power. Now, if these radios were just radios, then you might pass them off as “not your thing,” you’re outdoors to escape the world. Don’t bypass them just yet though as most of these crank radios can do much more than entertain you with FM show tunes.

Hand crank radio designers have improved upon the original design to include other useful functions. You’d be surprised how you could use them now to save your life.

Radio with AM/FM and Shortwave—In the case of a local/national emergency, you need to have access to a radio to get an idea of (1) what local authorities are directing residents to do, and (2) assess the seriousness of the situation; i.e. if you need to return home immediately or not. Stay current with the radio. Should there be no emergency, then you can relax at night to great music from the nearby radio stations.

Emergency Weather Alerts—A useful tool to warn you of dangerous changes in the weather that could affect you.

Flashlight—A powerful flashlight to illuminate an area just as any other flashlight would. This way, you can cut down on the total number of items you pack.

Clock—You can carry a watch if you’d like, but you left society to flee the pressures of a “time-scheduled life,” didn’t you? You won’t need the time until you take a break or settle in for the night. Your clock is on your hand crank radio, set aside for when you need to dig it out.

Cell Phone Charger—Often you can find random cell reception in the great outdoors. With cell charging capabilities, you can ensure the usability of your phone should there be an emergency.

USB port for Charging—One of the most inconvenient things that can happen to you while on your adventure is to have your camera die on you. Many of today’s cameras can be charged by means of a USB port. This port will help you keep your cameras, iPods and other electronic equipment fully charged and ready to go.

Although not every hand crank radio has every single one of these features, they will have most of them. Find the right one for you and you’ll be able to avoid filling important space you could be using for food and water. For examples of hand crank radios on the market, check out our online store.