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Why Radios are Helpful in a Disaster

Why Radios are Helpful in a Disaster
When it comes to emergency situations and disasters, amateur radio is often the most useful means of communicating when other options fail. When a disaster strikes, there can be no guarantee that cell phones and internet and satellite connections are going to work the way they should.
Amateur radios have the immediate advantages that they can be dispersed and utilized at any location without requiring people to go through a “hub”, the way that they would if they were using a cell tower. Indeed, radio operators have the option to utilize many frequencies and to establish their own networks on the spot.
When it all comes down to it, radio communication is one of the most secure and useful connections that we have. While it is certainly reduced in popularity lately due to cell and satellite technology, radio remains one of the most useful ways to communicate with each other.
Essentially, there are always going to be more options open to radio operators when they need to communicate with others. Additionally, people on the ground have the option to make their own radios. It is relatively simple to make your own, and the sheer amount of options open for purchase and use is also impressive.
As such, having radios should always be a big part of emergency preparation in any situation. Even if you are planning on making a cell phone the primary way that you communicate, radios should always accompany them. It is better to be over prepared than underprepared, and radios give you the needed edge.