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Flat Wire

Flat Wire

 - Make your Speaker Wires Disappear

Flat Wire & Flat Speaker Wire  Our adhesive backed, ultra-thin Flat Speaker Wire can go on walls and be painted or hide under carpets without lumps. Our Flatwire comes in different Gauges for all your Low Voltage wiring applications from Speakers to Security Systems.  We also have Flat Wire to Round wire Connector Blocks for splicing wires.

To learn how to install Flat Wire please read our Flat Wire Installation Instuctions.

  • Flat Wire to Round Wire Connector Blocks - Showing Front and Side
    Flat Wire Connection Adapters Splice flat wire and round wire with these Flat Wire Connector Blocks. Our Flat Wire Rolls come with either 2 or 4 connector blocks depending on how many wires are on each roll. If you are...

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