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Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers

Charge Cell Phones by Hand Crank in Power Outages.

Being able to Hand Crank Charge Cell Phones is an essential part of being prepareded for a power outage. Connect your phone to the USB port and charge your phone with our Wind Up Cell Phone Chargers.  They take a little work but when you need your cell phone charged it is well worth the effort. Many phones come with a USB charging cords but if you need one to use with these Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers we've got you covered. The Earhugger 4 Way Cell Phone Charger is the perfect accessory that you will use not only in an emergency but all the time since it charges multiple phones multiple way includig wall outlet, DC or Cigarette Lighter Socket, USB Ports and 9 volt batteries.  Spend a little time and money now so you can charge your phone in a power outage or emergency.  Many hand crank cell phone chargers are combined with radios and flashlights to further prepare you for electricity outages.  We have included a few hand crank cell phone chargers with radios and flashlights below but also look at the Preparedness Radios from American Red Cross by Eton  as they have a full line of wind up cell phone chargers with flashlights with radios and shortwave bands.  21st-Century-Goods also carrys a full line of Hand Crank Emergency Radios with Cell Phone Chargers by Kaito.


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