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Hand Crank Flashlights

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Hand Crank Flashlights always provide light when you need it. 

Hand Crank Flashlights are great Emergency Flashlights as you will never be low on batteries when you need a flashlight the most.  Our Hand Cranked LED Flashlights create maximum brightness while requiring minimal amounts of power. Wind-N-Go has many different styles to choose from and some of their flashlight also come with radios.  Wagan rechargeable flashlights provide maximum bright lights and can be charged by hand crank or AC adapter.  Our Waterproof Hand Crank Flashlight are perfect for boating or wet climates.  Many of our flashlight also have USB ports to hand crank charge you cell phone.


  • Hand Crank LED Headlight 21stCG 1058
    21stCG 1058 Hand Crank LED Head Light
    $14.95 $9.45
    Our 3 LED Hand Crank Head Light is a versatile hand crank flashlight designed to be worn on your head.  This head lamp has built-in rechargeable batteries that are charged by hand cranking.  It is lightweight and...
  • Hand Crank LED Flashlight
    21stCG 3085 Hand Crank LED Flashlight
    $15.95 $9.95
    Bright and Compact 3 LED Hand Crank LED Flashlight.  Great emergency flashlight.  Perfect for your 72 hour safety kit.  Its compact size will fit perfectly in your cars glove box. Features Very bright 5 LED...
  • Solar Flashlight with Hand Crank 3 LED Flashlight Showing Solar Panels- 21stCG-6023
    21stCG 6023 Hand Crank and Solar Flashlight
    $14.95 $8.95
    Compact Solar Hand Crank Flashlight that can also be charged by hand crank power.  It is a small, lightweight and inexpensive solar flashlight and is a favorite among many because of its low price and durability. ...