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Hand Crank Lanterns

Wind Up Lanterns for Camping and Emergencies. 

Our crank lanterns provide an excellent source of light.  A must have for a hurricane preparedness kit.  Having a Crank Lantern is like having and endless supply of batteries.  No need to run to the store for batteries when a disaster is about to hit.  You can charge the lanterns batteries by a USB Port or AC wall outlet or just crank the dynamo charger to charge the internal rechargeable batteries for unlimited light.  We have a wide range of Wind Up Lanterns.  Soladyne Wind up and Solar Lanterns also charge by solar power and can charge cell phones.  Many lanterns come with a built in radios to keep you informed in emergencies.  Invest now in a Hand Crank Lantern and you will be glad you did in a power outage or emergency.


  • 21st-CG 6013B Solar and Hand Crank Lantern
    21st CG 6013B Hand Crank and Solar Lantern
    $24.95 $11.95
    This 6 LED hand crank and Solar Lantern is a great for camping and emergency preparedness.  Great lightweight and small preppers light source. The large highly effecient dynamo hand crank makes charging easy and the...