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LED High Power Flashlights

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Rechargeable LED High Power Flashlights

21st-Century-Goods has LED High Power Flashlights by Wagan and Wind-N-Go.  Wagan has 2 very bright rechargeable LED flashlights that can be charged from any wall outlet, from your cars DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter or by Hand Cranking. These lights are perfect for Emergency Rescue Situation.  Freeplay Energy’s Jonta is a high power LED Flashlight that can be charged by hand crank or through a USB port.  The Sunlinq USB Mini Solar Panel works perfectly to solar charge this high power flashlight.  Wind-N-Go has a 1 watt hand crank flashlight that is also waterproof that is the perfect boating flashlight.  Be sure to also check out our LED Emergency Lanterns.