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Cell Phone Chargers

PowerUp Universal Cell Phone Chargers

We carry Earhugger's universal cell phone charger's.  These devices can charge your cell phone by an AC wall outlet, through a USB Port, Car Cigarette Adapter or 9 volt battery.  They small lightwieght and can charge your phone almost anywhere.  Even hook these universal cell phone chargers to any Sunlinq Solar Panel to charge your phone by solar power.  Three different models depending on your needs.  The 8353 charges most cell phones and comes with 8 adapter tips including a USB Micro and USB mini charging tips. The 8380 PowerUp charges your iPhone, iPod and other devices through the USB Port.  The 8370 charges portable gaming devices. These devices work great with Emergency Radios and cell phone chargers with USB charging ports to charge your cell phone if you do not have a USB charging cord for you phone.

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