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Emergency Radios and Solar Radios

Solar Radios, Emergency Radios and Emergency Weather Radios by Eton, American Red Cross, and Kaito. Stay in touch, alive and entertained with the best emergercency radios.  Emergeceny radios provide NOAA Weather Alerts.  They can also charge your cell phone and provide light at night.  Leave these radios in the sun to charge with their solar panel or hand crank to charge the internal recharagle batteries.  The American Red Cross recommends that we should all have an emergency radio.  They feel so strongly about it that they have created their own line of radios with the Eton Corporation. Three of the things you desprately need in an emergency are light, information and the ability to charge your cell phone to communicate. The Best Emergency Radios provide these 3 needs.  We also have a full line of Shortwave Radios, Portable Radios  and Solar Lanterns with Weather Radios


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