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Small Solar Panels and Solar Battery Chargers

Solar Powered Chargers

12 Volt Solar Battery Chargers are small solar panels or small solar chargers to charge 12 Volt batteries.  Solar battery Chargers for you boat, car or RV.  Use these Solar panels on your equipment batteries to keep the 12 Volt Batteries fully charged when away for extended periods of time.  Place in a car when you will be away or at the airport to Solar Trickle Charge your car's battery.  Install these solar panels permanently on your RV to replenish your batteries power needs without running the engine.  Even if these solar panels do not provide all the power you need they will help you run your engine less.  Your neighbors will thank you and so will your wallet. Sunforce has created solar charging kits for emergency backup power.  Their kits include Solar Panels, a 12 Volt Battery, inverter and all the necessary cables to keep you powered in a blackout.  Combine any of these solar panels with a 110 volt Portable Power Source to provide power when and where you need it. We also carry Solar Panel Charge Controllers to protect your battery with solar panels up to 120 watts.  If you are new to solar power these small solar panels are a great place to start and enjoy getting power from the sun for free.