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Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns and Solar LED Lanterns for camping, expeditions and emergencies. Great selection and prices.  When the power goes out you will be glad you have a solar lantern to light your night.  Great for indoor use since no fuels are burned.  Solar LED Lanterns us energy effeicent LED's for increased brigthness and battery life.  GMT Solar Lanterns are very bright and durable.  They are arguable the best, longest lasting and most durable solar lanterns available.  Often bought for long term use in Africa or developing areas. Soladyne Solar Lanterns  use LED for high quality light are widely used by relief organizations and are perfect for areas without electricity. Soladyne Solar Led Camping Lanterns are an inexpensive and can also be hand cranked to charge the internal battereis to create needed light.  Used widely in the Haiti earthquake relief efforts.  The Wagan Solar Lantern is a great compact LED Solar Lantern that can also be used as a spotlight.  Its bright light and compact size make it a favorite among many.