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Solar Phone Chargers

Solar Phone Chargers keep you prepared in case of emergencies.  Solar Cell Phone Chargers range in power and flexibility.  Sunlinq makes Univerisal Solar Cell Phone Chargers that charge your phone through a USB port or through a cigarette lighter adapter.  If you need a Solar Panel with a  USB charger output, check out the Sunlinq USB Mini 400 mAmp 5V Solar Panel.  The Sunlinq 6.5 Watt 12v Flexible Solar Panel is great to charge all your phones through a cigarette lighter adapter.  The PowerUp 4 way Cell Phone Charger works perfectly with USB Solar Panels and Flexible Solar Panels with a cigarette lighter output.  We also carry Solar Cell Phone Chargers with built in batteries to charge now and use the power later.   Check out the Solar Cell Phone Charger SRSBC 05.  For larger portable solar panel charging needs visit our Flexible Solar Panels