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Common Wilderness Survival Mistakes

If you are someone who loves camping and being outdoors, then you are probably well aware of the fact that nature can be very unforgiving. When you are outside in nature, you need to know how to survive. Here are a few of the most common wilderness survival mistakes made by people who think they know the outdoors.shelter.jpg

One of the most common wilderness survival mistakes is not having shelter. Many people who go out into the great outdoors think that just having a sleeping bag will be fine. However, these people are definitely not prepared when a storm hits and it starts to rain, or worse, snow. If a storm does hit and you do not have shelter, you should at least have the knowledge necessary to know how to make a simple shelter from materials that you can find out in nature. The most common cause of death in the outdoors is exposure, so make sure you bring materials for a shelter or you know how to make one.

Another common wilderness survival mistake is not bringing adequate navigation tools on an outing. People often mistakenly believe that they will “be able to find their way back.” These people do not realize that trees, mountains, and other natural landmarks tend to obstruct the view they thought they had. Make sure to bring a compass, GPS, map, or all of the above when going out into the wilderness. Not bringing a navigational tool out into the wild is simply foolish.