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Emergency Preparedness on a Budget

Emergencies and disaster situations can strike at any time with little or no warning, and for this reason it is imperative that all adults take responsibility for the emergency preparedness of themselves and of their families.  The main excuse for not being prepared for an emergency that many rationalize their own unpreparedness is that they do not have the money to be fully prepared. This is can be overcome with a few tips and tricks to preparing for an emergency on a budget.

One of the first things that an individual or a family can do to become prepared for an emergency without spending any money is to simply plan out an emergency action plan.  Creating an emergency action plan takes time and effort, but will not cost a penny and is an essential first step to emergency preparedness.

An emergency action plan can include plans for how a family will exit their home safely, where they will gather if they are separated, and how they will provide for themselves in the event of an emergency.  Creating and storing provisions and supplies is where an emergency kit on a budget comes into play.

There are several ways for a family to create a low cost emergency kit, and one of the best ways is to compile the kit over time with planned expenses devoted to emergency preparedness.  A person can likewise save money on their emergency kits by:

  • Buying hand-cranked emergency devices such as flashlights and radios that will save money on batteries and battery backup costs
  • Shopping used or thrift store products
  • Comparing prices
  • Keeping old water bottles for water storage
  • Using what you already own to build an emergency kit