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London Transformed for Olympics Using LED Lighting

The London Bridge will be getting a facelift for the Olympic Games. GE was just given formal approval to install LED technology to light the bridge.  The lighting used for the past 25 years used 40 percent more energy than the new LED lights will use. The London Bridge is no spring chicken, having been around for 117 years and the LED lighting will highlight the architecture that has made this bridge famous.

The bridge is comprised of Victorian gothic turrets, granite and stone towers, suspension chains and an aerial walkway.  Each of these features of the bridge will be highlighted more efficiently with the new LED lighting. The LED lighting can change between gold, silver and bronze.  This variety will allow the bridge to take on a different look as the games progress.

After the medals are handed out and London begins to calm down again, the lighting will remain on the bridge.  This lighting will be used for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and even for New Year’s Eve festivities in London.

If you are lucky enough to be in London, do not forget to look for the changes in the London Bridge.  The view will be breathtaking.  The rest of us can enjoy the view of the bridge from the comfort of our home. The London Bridge may even give you a great reason to purchase that high resolution TV you’ve been keeping your eye on.